Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shoppers is the Spot

I remember when it used to be called Shoppers Food Warehouse. I love to go there for the big "colossal" donuts. If you haven't tried them yet, you've BEEN missing out. I first started eating them because they were cheaper than Dunkin Donuts. But I don't think they make them all day long; so I get them in the morning. Too bad they don't have maple. That became my favorite after spending some time on the west coast.

Now Shoppers has a food bar. I laughed at it the first time I saw it. Then, I glanced right quick to see what they offered. I was like, "Who the hell eats at Shoppers?" Well, then my mom got her some chicken wings one time we were there. Another time, I decided to get the mac n cheese. And we've been slowly eating there ever since. It is not inexpensive, but if you want real food, instead of McDs or something, then go ahead and try it.

Lastly, as much as I try to hide in Stafford, I keep running into people--my classmates...at Shoppers. Whoa! It has been three times in a row that I have seen a different female that I either graduated with, or was a class under mine. I almost stopped one of them because I think she even lived in my neighborhood. Maybe next time.